Database Applications

Complex knowledge that is reliable, maintainable and expandable

Custom database applications can provide extremely powerful management and reporting tools, putting plant-floor data into management’s hands for operational efficiency, downtime analysis, preventative maintenance programs, supply-line data, and countless other production elements. The challenge is finding a system to suit your exact needs, while providing flexibility for future growth. Concept Systems’ database applications give you the best of both worlds — they are customized to your specific needs and built on industry standard platforms. Concept Systems does not try to fit your application into a canned, preconfigured database front-end or reporting package. The systems are built from scratch, based on your needs, utilizing standard database tools, including Microsoft SQL Server, Wonderware’s InSQL, and Rockwell Software’s FactoryTalk Transaction Manager (RSSQL) to name a few.

Whether your data management needs are simple or complex, trust Concept Systems to design a custom database application that is a perfect fit.